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Maddison A, a singer-songwriter with a jazz degree from Guildhall School of Music and Drama, found her true calling in pop music and crafting lyrics that touch the soul. Her lyrics are raw and relatable to everyone, evoking deep emotions and shared experiences. No stranger to the big stage, she’s supported icons like Sophie Ellis Bextor, Sugababes, and All Saints at Pub in the Park. Maddison A’s anthem-worthy voice also graced the Moto GP at Silverstone.

A year of enchanting performances on cruise ships helped her find her unique sound, blending wanderlust with a deep connection to human experiences. Formerly known as Maddison Douch, she’s been featured on BBC Introducing Solent. Maddison A is now a captivating artist, ready to share her heartfelt and relatable lyrics, coupled with irresistible pop melodies, with the world. Her music is a testament to the power of following one’s heart.

New Music: Time To Go Home - 01/12/2023

“Time To Go Home” – A Journey of Love and Letting Go

“Time To Go Home” is the latest heart-felt single by Maddison A, a captivating singer-songwriter who draws inspiration from her life’s remarkable adventures. The song weaves a poignant tale of falling in love on the high seas, taking you on a journey that’s as exhilarating as it is bittersweet.

Maddison A’s year of living and working on cruise ships taught her invaluable life lessons, and the most profound among them was the art of letting go. In a world where nothing lasts forever and people come and go like the tides, “Time To Go Home” beautifully encapsulates the feeling of spending months exploring the world together with someone, only to bid them farewell, perhaps forever. With raw, relatable lyrics, this song captures the essence of love and longing, reminding us that, in the end, it’s always “time to go home”. Maddison A’s unique blend of heartfelt storytelling and irresistible melodies make this single a must listen, as it brings to life the universal experience of love and the inevitable farewells that follow.

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